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Top ten tricks for learning & remembering vocabulary #1

1. make word association webs – our brain takes what we read an makes it into images, ideas, and feelings etc. and then makes connections between what we knew before and the new information (words and ideas). This is how we remember things. The “new” stuff is fitted into the “old” stuff.

Think of a tree. It is easier for you to see a big tree with lots of branches and leaves than it is to see a small tree with very few branches and leaves, right? Well, it’s the same for your brain. When you connect a new word or idea to things you already know you make it easier for your brain to find (see) it when you need to remember it.

How can you do this? Easy. Make an Idea Web. Start with the thing you want to remember (words, ideas, sentences) in the middle of a piece of paper. Then draw lines from it like a spider’s web. At the end of the line write down any ideas or words or even pictures that you think of when you say the word or idea.

This only takes about 2 minutes. Now all the words/ideas are getting connected in your mind. If you see or hear one of them it will help your brain remember all of the others. To make this work really well, you can talk to yourself about how each word/idea fits together with the others. The more you do this, the more connections you make. ‘Lots of connections makes it very easy for your brain to “see” the word you want to recall when you are trying to remember it.

For more about mind-mapping see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_map

Homestay in Victoria BC, Canada


It’s been our pleasure to be a part of the study abroad experience for students from around the world for many years now.

New friendships, new ideas,  a world of activities to do, beautiful scenery, the adventure of putting yourself in another culture, the chance to learn a language in the best environment possible…

…these are many of the reasons our friends from around the world have come to stay with us – often more than once!

Living and studying in another country can be challenging, but  it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. We know. Between us, we have traveled to 16 countries (and counting) so we’re ready to help when you need it.

This blog-post introduces our home-stay but it also introduces the the city of Victoria, from the schools you where you can study English to the amazing things you can do here.  Feel free to explore.

Who we are…

Anne:  Registered nurse
Paul:    Masters of Education, Teaching Second Languages, TEFL-certified, 12 years teaching experience in Asia
Judy:    Bachelor’s of English, 15 years teaching experience in Asia

Our Interests…

Everything…Music, movies, sports, the outdoors, great food, meeting people from around the world, travel…it’s a long list!

What we offer…

private rooms with study desk
private bathroom with shower and tub for our guests
3 meals a day
and, of course, as our guest you get to share the rest of our home with us

Convenient Location…

  • 1000 meters from UVIC campus
  • 4 blocks from Camosun College Landsdowne Campus
  • 2 major bus routes connecting you to downtown outside our door and buses to everywhere from UVIC exchange on campus
  • 9-hole golf course and fitness center across the street
  • Gyro Park Beach minutes away

How much?

CAN$ 750 per month – includes 3 meals a day, private room with study desk, private bathroom & shower for home-stay guests only, and of course as our guest you share the rest of our home with us
one-way airport pick-up $50
Private tutoring, test-preparation, editing, and proofreading available by special arrangement

Useful Links for Visitors to Victoria…

Coming Soon…

‘Hope to see you in Victoria soon.  If you have any questions please send us an email (pauljudyanne@gmail.com).

We look forward to welcoming you to our home.

-Paul, Judy, and Anne