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Hello World!

Welcome to English Unlimited!

We are a group of dedicated English teaching professionals who love what we do so much we wanted to create a place where we could offer tips, tricks, advice, and encouragement to anyone who is interested in improving their English ability – for free!

Your success makes us feel good.  All we ask in return is a polite “thank you”, or a link to us from your website (if you have one), or the occasional testimonial (if you feel we have helped you) so that we can put it on our blog and feel a little proud from time to time.

Between us, we should be able to offer some suggestions for just about any English problem you might encounter (except actually writing your papers or taking your tests for you, of course!).

Generally, each section of this site will begin with an article sharing some tips on how to improve that skill in English.  Then, you just post your comments or questions and we’ll post a reply as soon as we can.

The more questions and comments you post, the more this blog will grow and change to fit your needs, so don’t be shy!

We look forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes,

-The English Unlimited Team


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